Importance of an Asbestos Inspection Before Remodelling your Home

A home remodeling plan is something you want to save up for and when the right time comes, you will have to make sure everything goes well for your project. But, before you start to realize your plan, make sure everyone in your household is safe by having an asbestos inspection done by professionals. This kind of inspection may be something you will not pay attention to right away as you plan on updating your home’s appearance. However, it is a vital aspect of your project that you must do. If your house was constructed before the year 2000, it could have asbestos and your family might be exposed to this hazardous substance when you begin demolition and refurbishment.

Asbestos Risks

Asbestos was used to be a material of choice in terms of construction because of its resistance to water and heat. Also, the substance features insulating properties and durability. But, it was found out that this material is quite harmful and can cause serious health problems that include cancer. Although modern-day construction no longer uses this substance, a lot of homes and buildings still have asbestos in them.

A home or building can have asbestos in areas that don’t get exposed until they are demolished or refurbished. Such areas include cement roofing, wall cladding, insulation, shingles, pipes, and others. An asbestos inspection will be able to reveal the location of this material in your home. Chances are that you don’t really know how much asbestos you and your family could be exposed to once parts of your house are broken down.

Asbestos Inspection

When you decide to have the inspection done, you should expect the procedure to be quite intrusive. Because refurbishment can disclose areas that have asbestos that are usually not accessible, the inspection for the purpose of refurbishment is typically more thorough. Before the inspection is carried out, you will have to vacate your property, remove your furnishings, as well as provide the inspector with the building plans, home specifications, and an architect’s drawing. The inspection may call for a partial destruction of your home to obtain samples. The inspector will use aggressive techniques for lifting tiles and carpets, breaking through walls, partitions, and ceilings as well as opening up floors. After they retrieve samples, they will take them to the laboratory to test for asbestos.

If you already know that your home has asbestos you still have to test for asbestos since other surrounding areas could also have the substance. Keep in mind that only a licensed asbestos consultant must inspect for and solve you asbestos issue in your home. Find the professional at

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